When we first met.

We could do it.

It was my 21st birthday when we first met.

I’m just  looking at you when you’re choosing  some dress to wear on for upcoming party with my sister and one of your classmate.

I feel so amazed  with your gorgeous smile it’s really normal and charming.

A memorable thing about you was your shiny red cheek i got loved at first sight with you.

at that moment i’m hoping that  we could have a lot of time to see and know each other and it has been granted by prayer.

A very special day when we see each other again after couple of months. I’m Counting on you to be mine.


Be with someone who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

Building your dreams need to start with a draft.

Anyone can dream up high!.

There was a dream started with a draft used by a pen and a paper.

A pen who may stroke powerful words and numerical symbols that perhaps few may know.

A paper that can be a drafter by a chance of a visualizer, and symbolizes a remembrance of every right and wrong.

Good thing is your PASSION is for you, but your PURPOSE is for others.

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A BIG day for you!


Life is so amazing we can not say this is painful if we do not experience it.
But precisely this life can be appreciated with those hardship we’ve encounter.
Without these harmful and unexplainable storm in life we didn’t learn how to acknowledge and groove on.

It’s Just a part of growing up!

So to those everyone who graduated this year Happy Graduation & for Kimberly Rose Mataro, God bless and enjoy this moment of your life. you’ve done ahead!!!
continue to grow and seek knowledge and keep practising not to depend on others personal idea or faith cause you have it all already.

Just enjoy kapatid, and i’ll be with you too as your brother.



April 03, 2018